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Best Email Subject Lines for Sales: And How to Write Them

Crafting effective sales email subject lines can be challenging, but it is an essential skill for any successful salesperson.

Email subject lines are often the first impression a potential customer has of your company. It is important to make sure that they accurately reflect what you have to offer, and that they stand out from the hundreds of other emails in their inbox.

The goal of a great sales email subject line is twofold:

  • it should grab attention, and

  • it should clearly communicate what the message inside contains.

Tips to Craft the Best Sales Email Subject Lines

If done correctly, this will result in higher open rates and more conversions. Here are some tips on how to craft top-performing sales email subject lines:

1. Short and To The Point:

Keep your subject line concise—ideally less than 50 characters—so that readers can quickly understand what you’re offering without having to read through long sentences or paragraphs. This also helps to ensure that all of your key points fit within one line so nothing gets cut off when viewed on mobile devices or web browsers with limited space for text display.

2. Write In A Human Way:

People respond better to human language rather than robotic-sounding phrases like “Buy Now!” Instead, try using language that conveys warmth and friendliness, such as “We Can Help You Reach Your Goals” or “Let's Show You How We Can Make A Difference,” which will help build trust between you and the reader right away.

3. Use Personalisation

Personalizing emails with a recipient's name makes them feel special by showing them you took the time to research who they are before sending them an offer or proposal.

Including their name in the email subject line also increases open rates since people tend to pay more attention when something mentions them directly instead of feeling like just another generic recipient among many others who received similar messages at once.

4. Include A Simple Call To Action (CTA):

Your CTA should be clear yet concise so readers know exactly what action you want them to take after reading your message; whether it's signing up for a free trial, scheduling an appointment, downloading content, etc., make sure there is no ambiguity about what actions recipients can take with your emails.

By including CTAs in both your body copy as well as within the email subject line itself, prospects will be able to easily act upon whatever interests them most without having too much effort required on their end first - thus increasing conversion rates overall.

5. Add Emojis If Possible

Additionally, adding emojis 🤩 to spice up boring text has been proven 📊 to boost engagement levels too - making them a great way 💡 to add some personality into otherwise plain messaging.

The 5 Best Email Subject Lines for Sales

Take a look at 5 of the best-performing email subject lines for sales:

  • The Quick Call (Personalized),

  • The Follow-Up,

  • Sales Video & Chill,

  • The Virtual Handshake, and

  • The Connect Request.

Each has been tested by various companies with great results and could provide your business with improved engagement from prospects.

The Quick Call (Personalized)

This is an excellent way to grab attention while also making recipients feel special because it includes personalization within its content. Here is an example:

"[Name], I wanted to discuss [topic]"

This shows that you know who you are talking to as well as what topic you want them to consider before opening up your message.

This type of approach typically leads to higher open rates than more generic emails due to its personalized nature, which makes people feel like they have something unique coming their way rather than just another sales pitch in their inboxes.

Results obtained from using this type of subject line vary but generally show around 20-30% improvement over other methods used for similar campaigns. Although this may not be applicable across all industries, so testing should always be done beforehand.

The Follow-Up

Following up on previous conversations or interactions is key if you want potential customers or clients interested in what you have going on now and into the future – especially those who may have gone cold after initial contact was made initially without any response back then either. To do this effectively, use phrases such as:

"following up on our conversation last week..." or

"just checking in again regarding..."

These types of messages tend to give off a sense of urgency, which encourages people to click through quickly instead of waiting until a later date when things might become forgotten altogether.

Test results show that these kinds of subjects often generate 10-15% better engagement compared to other standard tactics employed during the same time period too - making them a worthwhile consideration going forward.

The Sales Video & Chill

Adding some fun to your emails can go a long way towards increasing interest levels amongst recipients – particularly those who aren't necessarily looking to purchase anything right away but would still like to learn more about your company/brand offering.

A great way to achieve this goal here involves including video links within the body copy of your email; doing so allows viewers to watch short clips related to the topics being discussed whilst also getting a chance to gain further insight into the product range available too.

Research conducted suggests that these sorts of strategies lead to a 15-20% higher open rate and conversions overall versus traditional approaches taken elsewhere at the same time - showing clear benefits of implementing them sooner rather than later whenever possible!

The Virtual Handshake

Making connections online isn't easy, but having a good introduction certainly helps break the ice between the two parties involved. An interesting twist upon the classic handshake greeting involves using phraseology such as:

"It's nice to meet you virtually..."

This conveys a warm welcome without sounding overly formal or using corporate jargon usually associated with many commercial entities out there today. Such wording tends to elicit positive responses from the readership since it implies genuine care and concern being shown towards the individual themselves.

The Connect Request

Connecting via social media platforms has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to the proliferation of different channels available nowadays. Sending requests to connect directly via LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., provides the perfect opportunity to build relationships with potential customers and clients. Using phrases like:

"I'd love to stay in touch, let me add my profile link below..." the reader the impression that the person behind the message cares enough to reach out beyond the normal boundaries expected.

Final Thoughts

The success of any sales email depends on the effectiveness of its subject line. It's important to craft an eye-catching, relevant, and informative subject line that will capture your reader's attention and motivate them to open the email.

It's also important that you test and track different variations so you can determine which ones work best for your target audience. This will allow you to see how each version performs in terms of open rates and engagement metrics so you can adjust your emails accordingly over time until you find one that resonates well with customers/prospects alike.

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