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Loathe To Love You - Ali Hazelwood - Book Review

Author: Ali Hazelwood
Year of Publishing: 2023
Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult Fiction
Pages: 384

Loathe To Love You - Synopsis

Under One Roof: An environmental engineer's beliefs are put to the test when she is forced to live with a big-oil lawyer who constantly adjusts the thermostat. Will their conflicting ideologies drive them apart or bring them closer?

Stuck with You: A civil engineer's professional rivalry with her roommate reaches new heights when they are trapped in a New York elevator. Will their close quarters lead to a change of heart?

Below Zero: A NASA aerospace engineer's frozen heart is warmed by the unexpected arrival of her longtime rival, who risks his life to save her from a treacherous Arctic research station. Will their survival depend on more than just teamwork?

Loathe To Love You - Book Review

In "Loathe To Love", Ali Hazelwood presents a collection of three contemporary romance novellas featuring engineers getting their happily-ever-afters. The novellas were originally published separately throughout 2022, but now they come packaged together with an exclusive bonus chapter that updates readers on the couples' romantic lives.

The first novella, "Under One Roof", tells the story of environmental engineer Mara and corporate lawyer Liam, who are unlikely roommates. They are constantly butting heads over everything, especially the thermostat. After the death of Liam's aunt, Mara inherits half of her Washington D.C house and has to share it with Liam. Neither is prepared to let the other buy them out, and the tension between them rises.

The second novella, "Stuck With You", is the story of Sadie and Erik, two engineers who work in the same New York City building but for different companies. They had a fling in the past, and their residual feelings come to the surface when they get stuck in an elevator together.

Lastly, in "Below Zero", aerospace engineer Hannah is stranded in the Arctic with Ian, the man she feels is responsible for nearly ruining her expedition. However, he seems to be the only one willing to put his life on the line to get the two of them to safety.

The collection as a whole, however, is a bit forgettable. The unifying theme across the three novellas is forced proximity and frustrating miscommunication, which can make the characters blur together. The settings add some variety, but the heroines all feel slighted by the heroes in some way, which can make the stories feel repetitive.

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